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60+ FPS...What Does it REALLY take?


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How did MS/Aces miss it so badly?

FSX as I understand it wants 5 GHz as a minimum.


Easy, FSX development started well before the change to multiple cores took off in home computer systems. When FSX development began years before its release, the expectation was for home computers to keep going with single core processors for at least the life cycle of the sim (don't forget, ACES was still working on the 2-3 year release cycle plan before being unceremoniusly dumped). However, the laws of physics got in the way and the transition to multi-core CPUs in home computers happened much faster than expected. When the change happened it was too late to go back and start over. Developing for multiple processors/cores needs to start very early in the design process and is not easy or straight forward for applications where each step relies heavily on the preceding steps.


Also, something many don't realize is that not all computing tasks lend themselves to multi-threading, with games being at the top of the list. Very few games released at the time supported multiple-cores any better than FSX did, and most games still don't use more than 2, or maybe 4, cores today.


Economics also plays a large role too. Most people today would rather have an smartphone and laptop with great battery life than a desktop, so Intel, AMD and others have been focusing more of their efforts on lowering power usage and heat. A few million simmers and gamers are really only a drop in the bucket to them.

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