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hi all happy new year.


i have just bought of a friend orbx euengland scenery and the graphics on my computer are nothing like they are illustrated on the orbx website.


i cant understand why... i have a pc running windows 7 with an intel i5 quadcore processor 6gb of ram, and a xfx radeon r9 780x dd black edition graphics card with 2gb of ram. so im all specced up. i think! ive tried going into settings and customize and had all the sliders full up, half up etc and all sorts of variants. but no luck


anyone else had any problems or ideas? as its frustrating having just spent £400 upgrading pc to improve graphics capabilities.


many thanks tony

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Best place to ask is the official forum:



Dont just dive in though - there are plenty of topics there that have similar questions so search first.

And you will need your order number to be able to register and seek help.


You've given us nothing to go on, so give more thought to presenting your difficulty - screenshots or video will often illustrate the issue. Failing that, use your words to describe what you are seeing - "the graphics on my computer are nothing like they are illustrated on the orbx website" tells us literally nothing.

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Have you the Order Number and the Registration Key?

By the install you need a internet connection with the Flightsim store.


Jan. EDIT: mallcott is faster.

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He bought it and I bought his copy off him. He does not use his copy as he does not use fsx no more. He uses x plane now. He gave me it on his memory stick as a zip file. I just un zipped it to my computer and installed it. It did not ask Me for any codes I'm guessing he activated it when he bought it originally
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His explanation made perfect sense to me.

A buddy buys it, no longer wants it, removes it from his system, and sells it...Don

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