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FS2004 Texture problem


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Just recently I began having issues with the texture of add on and stock planes. I spawn at the imagine sim kden scenery and everything is fine i spot view. When I push back I start to notice that no other plane textures are rendering. Screenshot (498).jpg


Traffic is set at 50% which his low compared to what I usually use. I switch to cockpit view and switch back and this happens.Screenshot (500).jpg


I try sticking all the graphics down to minimal and the game crashes. Also for some weird reason fs2004 is taking 60+% of my cpu when it usually takes up 40 at most.

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This can happen because of a lag in timing or hang up of your graphics card. Make sure you have the latest update for your graphics card. Sometimes you can clear it by switching from full screen mode and back again - Alt Enter & Alt Enter.


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