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Plum Island - Minute Man Airfield, Massachusetts


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REX4TD Enhanced

iBlueYonder - Bill Womack

Alabeo - C195





















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Love that classic paint scheme! :cool:


Makes me want to buy a five cent Coke from the machine and pop the cap with the built-in church key.*


*You young folks might want to ask your grandparents about this. :confused::o -- Bob



i7-7700 3.6GHz / GTX1660 6GB / 32GB RAM / 49" Samsung CHG90 / WIN10

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  • Founder

Nice photos, though they really emphasis the beautiful airplane over the beautiful scenery in the title :-)


Being that 6B6 is my real world home airport I was pretty excited about this scenery release and I've been flying it too. So much fun to have a detailed version of Minute Man, though the real world airport has changed quite a bit since the scenery was done.





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Beautiful shots! Because of them, I went and bought the scenery! 😎 Ive got a question for users of this scenery here. I notice no vehicles in the parking lots in both sets of shots. Did you guys turn them off in the config program or is this the default scenery(which should have cars in the lots). Asking because mine does not show vehicles no matter how i check or uncheck the boxes for that option. Just curious, its not a big deal, but i am trying to figure this out over at the iblueyonder site too.
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Klee, Nels, JK, Blair and J, thank you kindly. :)


Nels, that is kind of a habit of mine more than anything else, I try to include both the aircraft and scenery in my shots, not that i'm pushing the product of anything. :rolleyes:;)


Bill is doing a his usual outstanding work on you hometown airfields, what is that three now plus Heron, lucky guy. :) You should post more screenshots Nels, those are beauties! :)

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