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FSX problem


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i just downloaded B777-200ER and i'm using Microsoft Flight Simulator X deluxe, when i start my flight every thing seems like that


but i can see most of plane from outside such as Airline logo but something like gears just black :(

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If none of the textures show correctly you are missing some texture files.



If the first texture does show but the others do not, do the following.


check if the aircraft's folders has several folders with textures.

one called:


and others named:


texture.british airways,

texture.something else

(airline names are just examples)


If yes then:

check the seperate textures (such as texture.lufthansa) and see if the folders contain a file called



If yes, post the contents of one of these texture.cfg files in your next post.


If no texture.cfg file in the folders:

open the folder:


(default 737)


In there, locate the file:



Copy that and place the copy in the texture folders of the 777-200

so in texture.lufthansa texture.britishairways, etc.


Start fsx and check again if they show.

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