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Has the publisher of Its Your Plane gone out of business?


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I downloaded the software this Spring and used it several times. When I tried to use it this weekend the program hung during aircraft initialization. I thought maybe the problem was my installation of Dragon Naturally Speaking on the same PC. When I tried to check out how to migrate the software to an older computer, I was unable to reach the website. Their server has crashed in the past, but I am wondering if they've pulled the plug now that Flight Sim World is on the horizon.


Are there any other voice-recognition addons for FSX if the worst case scenario about IYP is true?


Any information is appreciated.

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The main website has been down for months. The forum is still online but is hardly ever visited. I too have run into that "verification" which is still trying to connect to a dead site.

AFAIK, it is the only program that is not tied to ATC in some way. Too bad for me: I just want a co-pilot for setting freqs, headings, etc.

One rumor is that Robert Cezar is ill but I have not seen any confirmation.

Will post any info I get .


Heal Howard

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Hello everyone,


The last I heard regarding Its your Plane was in September 2017, from a Hellen Cooper.


She explained that Robert is ill, and had to sell his house--the house that the IYP server was running in as well.


Being a blind pilot who was introduced to simming with this program, I'm saddened to see it go. MultiCrew experience, however, should fit you nicely as you can do heading and frequency changes via voice.

What it can't do that IYP did rather nicely for us is land, but then there's FSXPilot that can help us blind pilots with that. Figuring out how to get good landing rates out of it though is another thing entirely, also something that IYP was pretty good with.

As far as offline mode, a bug exists and was probably overlooked by Robert that still goes to look for something on the server, probably a version update check.


HTH, sad news indeed.

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