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Adding ils with lee swordy afcad


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What do you mean "in the flightplan"? What program are you using to create the flight plan? If an addon, did you update the database with the new BGL file?


Since this runway does not have a default ILS, perhaps you have another addon for the airport that supplies the other frequency? Perhaps the flight plan program always chooses that instead of your new one?


I added the same ILS to the default GCLA and it appeared on the Map just fine, with a frequency of 109.9.

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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The flightplan is the one in fs9 its- self when you click on the runway with the mouse its says different freq, when i go and look at afcad there is only the one so no duplicate , i have just tried the ade and that worked fine. To be honest i have done other airports ok with lee swordy afcad and seemed to work ok, weird thing is tenerife airport is doing the same, now wondering if its the canaries area is the problem.
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