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Virtualcol ATR Series


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I bought two VirtualCol aircraft, the Jetstream 31 and Dornier 328 Jet. I won't be buying a third for FS2004. The FS2004 panels have different gauges to the FSX versions, no better than freeware quality, the cockpit and cabin windows have reflections on the INSIDE which can't be removed and which VirtualCol won't patch after repeated requests from FS2004 customers. Their FSX versions may be OK, but avoid their FS2004 products!

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It is considerably inferior to the Flight 1 ATR 72. Virtualcol models are not system trainers by any means. The Virtualcol ATR package does offers a choice of variants, which is nice. Plus it is relatively inexpensive, especially when on sale like now. And, I think the newer Virtualcol models are much better than the earlier FS2004 offerings noted by Tim.



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Looks like I'm a loyal Virtualcol customer, since I have almost all their FS9 product lineup. Anyway, I purchased the ATR two weeks ago, they have improved a lot in the VC when compared to the Dornier (too crude) and the Jetstream (too heavy). For this plane, they accurately simulated the power limiter (something they didn't in the Embraer), and thus, all my flights are nice. Perfect for a quick hop when I don't have time to pre flight the iFly 747.


Just take into account climb speeds (160 knots for the -42, 170 for the -72, 190 for shorter sectors so that the FA can serve your drinks haha) and you'll do fine.


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