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Weird Water


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Does anyone know why my P3d V4 has messed up water textures like this? I do have alot of addons. I have PTA, (Tried tweaking it), I have REX with the water textures turned on and off

with no difference, I have AS P4 still does it on or off. ORBX GLobal, NA and Vector. Tried many suggestions, still doing it. Tried Bathymetry on and off, no change. Reshade on and off, no diff, URP on and off

still does it. I have KSFO HD by FLightbeam, San Francisco by aerosoft, on and off, still does it. Tried different library layer settings using Add on organizer. Just dont know where this is coming from?


Any specific bgl files attributed to this? ANy ideas out there? THanks


Water Textures.jpg

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