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P3d v3.4


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Good afternoon.



I have recently made the switch from FSX to P3D V3.4 (Since I already had it installed and FSX was annoying me)


I have installed FTX Global, and some other add on airports which I already had from FSX that worked fine.


I made the decision to update my Aerosoft Frankfurt to the updated version seeing as though it was half price.


Ever since then, when I do a flight on P3D I get that horrible 'Out of memory' message and P3D is closed.


I have absolutely no idea what has happened.

Is it the new scenery? ( I have deactivated the surrounding scenery for EDDF, so all I have is the airport itself )


But I have seen that it could be FTX causing the issue but it has been working perfectly fine before I installed this addon..


I love flying in and out of EDDF and needed to install the updated version so I can use the PMDG 777-200.


Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?





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