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Simple basic Sim for a beginner


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Welcome mangostoner to the forums.


I would suggest doing what you did here. Going to cockpit forums and start reading. Just Google "flightsim cockpits" or "flightsim cockpit forums" to get you started. I did this when I started. It's a great way to get all sorts of ideas on cockpits.... from the very simple to complete enclosures. I liked going through forums that had lots of photos as that gave me lots of ideas and could plan around my budget.


Good luck!

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Hi Akshay,

Maybe you can tell us what kind & how complex you want a sim to be?

There are many ways to build a sim, depending on how complex you want it to be?


I've built 2x sims, an Avro Shackleton & an AeroMacci MB326, so maybe I can share some tips & experience.


Cape Town, South Africa

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