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Aircraft builder request

Iron Horse

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I am looking for someone to build me an aircraft that existed, but never went into production. I am wanting this aircraft for fs9, and fsx. I would like a decent model with a few special effects. If you can help me, please send me a note. I am willing to pay... If this is in the wrong location, I apologize, and humbly request that it be moved where appropriate.

Thank you.


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Nope, that's not it. That link takes you to a 'normal' DC-4.


The DC-4E had a novel tail with three low vertical stabilizers, similar to that of a Connie, enabled use of existing hangars and provided sufficient vertical fin area to allow the aircraft to take off with only two engines on one side operating.


The design was abandoned in favour of a marginally smaller, less-complex four-engined design, with a single vertical fin and 21 feet (6.4 meters) shorter wingspan. This newer design was also designated DC-4, leading the earlier design to be redesignated DC-4E (E for "experimental").


In late 1939 it was sold to Imperial Japanese Airways, which was buying American aircraft for evaluation and technology transfer during this period; the DC-4E was reverse-engineered and became the basis for the unsuccessful Nakajima G5N bomber.[3] The Japanese press reported shortly after purchase that the aircraft had crashed in Tokyo Bay, but it was being secretly studied by military and corporate interests at Nakajima

FS98 actually had one available.


As far as I can find, we do not have a DC-4E for FS2004.

It would be nice though!.....


Cape Town, South Africa

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Thank you zswobbie1. That is the exact aircraft I am looking for. I have had no luck in finding this aircraft either, which is why I was/am looking for a builder. It is/was my hope that I could find one to take on the challenge. I like the odd and unusual, which is why my daily driver car is a 1977 Pontiac Catalina. What a boat! What a ride....! Anyhoo, I would like to see the response when a one of a kind aircraft shows up at an online event!
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Anyhoo, I would like to see the response when a one of a kind aircraft shows up at an online event!


Unless things have changed (and they may well have!), unless the other people had the same exact aircraft installed locally, they'd simply "see" a default alias aircraft... :p

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When I flew online a friend liked to drive around the airport in a 'rosenbauer panther' firetruck. I didn't have that installed, nor other cars. To me he showed as a cessna or something instead.

I asked him and he told me where to find that freeware addon. (was in the flightsim.com file library. Freeware.).

I quickly installed it and I saw him correctly from then on.

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