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Alabeo GeeBee Problem, BAD support


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Hello Pilots,


i just " fight " now since weeks with a plane from Alabeo (where i buy since years ).


I habe bought a few weeks ago ( via steam ) the Gee-Bee


But now the Alabeo Support tells me, after i ask why its not running on P3DV4


( after my questions " is it compatible with P3DV4 : ...YES it IT! )


I have to buy it again, not via Steam ...Is that really the way how Alabeo speaks with their customers ?


If I had not read it...I wont bevieve this, really !


NEVER give them money for such a bad bad Support ! ! !


So ... do you have an idea how i can run it in P3DV4 ?

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Then I'd complain to Steam not Alabeo - they do not control what happens on steam.



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This is a Steam support issue, not Alabeo/Carenado. And as MrUnSavory said, avoid buying any DLCs from Steam at all costs, and instead purchase through the vendor themselves. (Justflight airplanes throught Justflight.com, Carenado planes from Carenado.com, Orbx sceneries from Fullterrain.com, and so on...) P3Dv4 has brought numerous compatibility issues and developers are still working hard to update their old products to make them compatible with v4. Before you buy anything, do your research and make 100% sure that your product would work with v4.


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