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A beautiful bird: DC-6 "Aramco" leaving Miami (FSX)


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Aramco (Arabian Americain Oil Company) used this DC-6B to change the American oil crews in Saudi Arabia. Here it's leaving Miami International Airport and climbing out.


Please click on the pics to enlarge


FSX Gold Edition incl. Accelleration

Freeware DC-6B from California Classics (DC-6B-CB16)

Aramco livery by Frank Gonzales

Freeware Miami City Demo by DRzewiecki (including Miami International airport and 2 other fields)

Freeware HDE-V2 clouds






















A few more in the reply*****

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A few more:


Please click on the pics to enlarge:










Opa Locka in the distance, also included in the Miami City Demo







Thanks very much for looking, I hope you liked pics and plane.


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Your trip got me wondering- what was the route used....


From aramcoexpats I found this:


Aramco owned three DC‑6’s, The Flying Camel, The Flying Gazelle, and The Flying Oryx, which made the New York/Dhahran run every week. For the trip, we were given large green flight bags with the Aramco logo on them. Since we were a family with young kids, we got to fly in the rear lounge of the plane, i.e. when the rear of airplanes was designated as First Class. We left Idlewild Airport (now JFK International) on the evening of December 9th on The Flying Gazelle. The first stop was Gander, Newfoundland, to refuel, and then we flew all night (plus some) to finally land in Amsterdam on the 10th. I remember looking out the hotel window and seeing a mass of people on bicycles on their way home in the cold drizzle. There were more bicycles than cars! I also remember that the hotel bathtub was as big as a swimming pool. The next evening, December 11th, we flew overnight from Amsterdam to Rome then on to Beirut and Dhahran. ...



Idlewild (KJFK), Gander, Amsterdam, Rome, Beruit, Dhahran.


What a ride!!!

Thanks for the trip!

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There was no route.... I installed the Miami City Demo in my new compu ( and tons of other sceneries all over the world) and I tried out a lot of beautiful repaints by the late Frank Gonzales. I will fly a route with it soon, I installed several fields in Yemen, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to use several of my beloved props in that area. I also searched for info about this beautiful DC-6 and read they were also often in the Houston area. Thanks very much for your comment! :) I'm in the proces of installing and tuning, so I still did no "real" flights... Thanks for the great story of the flight! There are still lots of bicycles in Amsterdam btw
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