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Members only, the blue blood type.


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:mad: I thought none here had noticed...... But it was not my fault. Just like this one:



Someone forgot the parking brake. Can happen to anybody. Bit of bad luck. BTW: it is a Transocean plane. PAH!


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Can't see who's name is on the sign


If you squint real hard it says His "Royal Von Peerhoven"! Better known as "Sir Whett-Wheels". Yellow/gold lettering was not the best choice.;)

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I just can't figure out how on the earth the lastest member ever got accepted in the first place with his track record. ;) I guess stranger things have happened. :D


Cat Cay needs the publicity to attract new, shall we say "more reputable" members, and each landing attempt that his highness makes, helps them with exposure as it makes the evening news.:D


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