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This Is What I Called Beautiful DC-10 Approach To Land


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Very nice shot!

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Aharon, perhaps the next edit should include more "scenery" ;) Can't complain about this one at all!

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Trying to grease a "death-cruiser" into Juliana is definitely made just a lit-tle more difficult by the uhh... scenery! Plus, I really like the livery. All kidding aside, though, the DC-10 is one of my absolute favorite airplanes to fly in FS. If you recognize the aircraft for what it is and take what it gives you, it is one sweeet ride! It's been one of my favorites ever since I got it!

Fair skies and following winds,


PROUD FS RTWR Pilot since 2015!

Kick the tires and light the fires! We's goin' FLYIN'!:D

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