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Would some kind person help me.


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Hi,I have just had a new hard drive installed, but I have been left with a few problems: Two of my favourite aircraft : Captain Sim/boxed version C-130 and B757 download, Three years ago I changed the panel on my C-130 to the SimShed C-130 panel this is because I am loosing my memory and I found the original panel too hard, but for three years all has been good, I reinstalled FS2004 on to my new hard drive all seemed to go OK, that is until I went to fly the C-130, all worked OK until I went to engage the autopilot,the autopilot will not engage. Now on the B757 ( Captain Sim ) all is working except the aircraft will not steer when taxing, it looks like all my other aircraft OK, mind you I have not tested them all.

Any help would be most welcome.


Kind regards,


Phil J.

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Have you double checked to see if you don't have any key map conflicts or removed any key maps? Also, are you using any controllers that are properly configured in FS9? You didn't mention any of this so I had to ask. If all else fails, and all other aircraft are working properly, possibly something ran afoul during the installation of both aircraft. If that's the case, may I suggest uninstalling both aircraft, re-install one and test. If it works well, re-install the other and test.

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Make sure the C-130 has an autopilot section in the aircraft.cfg file.


Make sure that the steering angle in the 757's aircraft.cfg file is set to something other than 0 or 180. You can determine which number in the contact points section is the steering angle by referring to the default 737's contact point section. The nose gear line is the one that is type 1 and has a lateral displacement of 0. That's the line to check.

Tom Gibson


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On a similar note regarding the Captain Sim Boxed C-130 for FS2004 I cannot add this to mine as of last year because the installer for it will not load. Judging by the Just Flight website a new version of C-130 Boxed has come out I don't know when but I am presuming they no longer support the FS2004 only version due to this.


I'm a bit peeved about this and the DC-10 add on / RAF Avro Vulcan for FS2004 add on which also do not load up any more.


However Captain Sim's B757 seems to steer on the ground for me but I am getting Autopilot anomalies so I will look into some of the advice given above - thanks :)

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I had a problem once and the member "Bean" sent me this--through a reply in this forum--which I have saved and use to good effect in many case where the autopilot does not work. Make a backup of your a/c cfg first, and let me know of it fixed the problem...



"1. Try this, in the aircraft.cfg find...



//1 Type: 0=None, 1=Vacuum Gyro, 2=Electric Gyro, 3=Electro-Mag Slaved Compass, 4=Slaved to another

//2 Indicator number of slaving indicator if Type = 4




...and change it to....



//1 Type: 0=None, 1=Vacuum Gyro, 2=Electric Gyro, 3=Electro-Mag Slaved Compass, 4=Slaved to another

//2 Indicator number of slaving indicator if Type = 4



While you are at it...



//Type: 0=None, 1=Vacuum Gyro, 2=Electric Gyro

attitude_indicator.0 = 1



//Type: 0=None, 1=Electric Gyro, 2= Vacuum Gyro





vacuum_type=1 //Type: 0=None, 1=Engine pump (default), 2=Pneumatic, 3=Venturi


This should get you going.



the Bean "

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