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FS Genesis Canada mesh overlaps

Roger Wensley

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There doesn't appear to be a terrain mesh forum so here it is. I have had for a while the FS Genesis 38m mesh for Canada that comes in parts: west, central plains, and maritimes etc (I am not sure of the names now, or even the number of parts). I have just realised that there is another part, northern Canada, that is not 38m, it is 76m and there does not appear to be a 38m option. Here is the question, will this overlap the 38m parts and will there be a collision issue in any way? I could hope that there is a coverage map somewhere of the various FS Genesis parts, but if there is I couldn't find it. Or a way to email FS Genesis with a question either.
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The 76m and 38m mesh won't overlap, FS automatically selects the highest resolution mesh installed for each scenery tile, regardless of scenery layer in the library, and only uses that one.

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