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How are you able to switch camera views in the plane to see the back inside of the plane and move around in there? For I noticed that some aircraft have cabin views. Though do not know how to see them.
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Yes, but WHICH key? :D Ahh, you mean the "A" key ;)

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Not all planes have an interior.

If it does, you can "walk" back into it, by using the "move camera" keys.

(head movement)

Control+Enter is back I think

Control+Backspace is forward.

Shift+Enter is Up,

opposite with backspace,

Control+Shift+Enter is Move Right

opposite with backspace


If by walking back you can get into a cabin, you can set a viewpoint in there.


If you look in an aircraft.cfg file you see several sections that start of with:


(where XX is a number)

For example look in the b737_800 aircraft.cfg

(put a copy on the desktop, and look at that file, just to be safe.)


To add a viewpoint for the cabin you will need to create such a section.

The GUID number in the new section has to be unique.

The name must be unique as well.


I think you will need to use:

Origin = Virtual Cockpit

In your added section.


You can probably copy a lot from another section.

For example copy the "Right Seat"


change name

and Guid,

and then change the lines:

InitialXyz=0.94, 0.0, 0.0

InitialPbh=2, 0, 0

using different numbers, that end you up in the Cabin.


XYZ is position

PBH is Pitch, bank, heading of view.


you can write that as a comment behind the lines. Helps when editing.

(It's confusing otherwise, as normally the first number is longitudinal (forward/back), and here that's the last number.)


You can put comments behind lines by using // (two slashes)

the text after // will not get executed by fsx and mess things up.


here's an example:

InitialXyz=0.94, 0.0, 0.0                 //lateral, vertical, longitudinal,   --offset view from "eyepoint" in the aircraft.cfg
InitialPbh=2, 0, 0                            //Pan vertical, Bank, Heading   --offset from default "eyepoint view


This page explains everything in these sections very very well.



And typing a line in google like:


is so specific it will also find you the page about ESP (Where it works the same as FSX.)



Usually a very good resource, but for the camera's I prefer the first link.


(if you type "Aircraft.cfg"



in Google, you will find the ESP pages on that. These are very helpful when you want to find out what every line in those files does.)



In summary. Start by pressing + and hold it until you see either the cabin, or just the back of the cockpit. (Cockpit looks like a black circular thing).

If you see a cabin, away you go.


If a plane has a cabin, it often already has a viewpoint in it.

Press Alt (for menu bar) and select Views--View Mode--And then cabin.




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