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Simple Question: how to close a tube in FSDS (that originally had an open end)?


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Over the past 2 weeks I've learned a lot in FSDS. However in none of the videos, turtorials and readmes does it tell me how to simply close a tube that I set one end open when I began the project. Surely that's possible right? I don't want to remake the tube since it's the fuselage which includes the very complicated nose. There must be an option somewhere where I can close the open end. (trying to close so I can perform boolean op)


Thanks in advance

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1. Right click at the end of the tube you want to close and choose Center.

2. Choose Point Mode (button with a dot on it).

3. Click on the Mouse Select button (button with a rectangle of dots)

4. From a side view, drag your mouse across the end of the tube, selecting all the vertices on the end of the tube. They should all turn yellow. One may be green, that's OK.

(You can also select them one by one by pressing the N key until one of the correct vertices lights up and then press the space bar to select it (turns green, then yellow when you move to the next point). Repeat until all are selected.)

5. Use Polygon/Make Poly from Select Points menu item to create the polygon that closes the end.


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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