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Need help with adding textures to a model!


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I recently dowloaded Meljet 777 and i loved the fact that it had a passenger cabin in the interior view! This really adds to the immersion of the simulator.


Basically how do you add existing textures to another model?

I was wondering if its possible to add the passenger cabin to another aircraft. The textures for the cabin are all separate from the VC. I am not too familiar with creating or editing models so please explain in detail!!!


Thanks in advance guys!! :):cool:

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The fsx planes have a model for the vc and a model for the outside. Look in your b737-800/model folder and you will see.

There is also a file in that folder that makes fsx load both together. Its the model.cfg file.


In fs9 it was different, one model only. Some of those one model planes had a cockpit. So one model with cockpit and outside.


If a fs9 plane was made with no cockpit, there's nothing you can do about it. Only the original designer can. Because a model is compiled from several files, and the result is one file. Only with the set of original files can you edit, and then compile again to a new model.

With just the old model you can't. It's simply not possible.


If a model was made for fsx, you can make the file be loaded together with an interior model. Same as you see in the b737-800/model folder.

(for example, I put th 747vc in the 737. I like that vc better because the displays are easier to read. But I fly mostly short distance.)


You can find out if a outside model is fsx type, and can be used together with a vc.

Copy the model (.mdl file) to your desktop and open it with notepad.

If you see MDL8MDLH

in the first lines, it is an fs9 model, and no vc can be added.

If you see MDLXMDLH it is an fsx model.



about textures, the repaint has to be made for the outside model you are using. If they are for another model it won't work, and the plane will look solid black.


If you add a VC then the textures for that vc need to be added as well. There are not added to every texture folder, but only to the one the is simply called "Texture".

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