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TDS 737-700 heading and navigation problems


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After a while of flying on autopilot on a flight plan, the TDS 737-700 heading display is 20 degrees off of what it should be and it doesn't follow the flight plan exactly. Rather than following the straight lines between each waypoint, it connects each waypoint in a serious of bumps or curves. It is just the 737-700 model that does this.


These navigation issues occurred on two different routes, SNA-EWR and ANC-ORD

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From that description it sounds like the aircraft is responding to gyro drift, which modern aircraft shouldn't do. That would be an inappropriate gauge or a wrongly scripted one.


My recollection was that key D was assigned to correct gyro drift (as crews in older planes had to do during a flight) by default, but happy to be corrected there.


One possible fix would be to turn off gyro drift in the settings if you have no cause to use it. You can do this in Settings > Realism .





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I am not actually using the same aircraft as the OP but I did have the same problem and have fixed it. In the aircraft CFG. file under the section titled "direction_indicators" it was set to have a vacuum gyro. I changed the entry from 1 to 3 and that set it up with "Electro-Mag Slaved Compass". The aircraft now tracks the GPS flight plan perfectly and the ND heading no longer drifts as it did before.



//1 Type: 0=None, 1=Vacuum Gyro, 2=Electric Gyro, 3=Electro-Mag Slaved Compass, 4=Slaved to another

//2 Indicator number of slaving indicator if Type=4

direction_indicator.0=1,0----------Change this to 3,0 and save it.

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