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Historical accuracy

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I have painted 109's with the swastika. They were all historical paints, although I was not aware of any ban on the use of any military symbols. One such 109 did not bear the swastika, though, because the pilot himself refused to place it on his tail. Later in his career he was made to carry the symbol. Luftwaffe pilot, Franz Stigler, was a very interesting airman, a favorite of General Gehlan, he was selected for the transition to jet fighters at war's end. I was taken with his story and painted both his first 109 (African campaign), and his later 109G, that did carry the swastika, as he escorted Lt. Charlie Brown and his mortally wounded B-17 out of German air space. It was one of the truly great stories of WW II, one worth reading. Stigler ended up in Canada and was a favorite at air shows for many years. In his later years, he finally met the American pilot he saved, they became fast friends, a friendship that lasted until they passed. I lost all those paints with the recent computer crash.
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