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Alexander Municipal Airport (E80) to Springerville Municipal Airport (Q35)

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These are pictures of my flight today from Alexander Municipal Airport in Belen, New Mexico (E80) to Springerville Municipal Airport Springerville, Arizona (KJTC (Q35 in fs2004)). I am trying to go across the United State from my real-world origin airport of KPYM (Plymouth, MA where the Pilgrims landed) where I am training for a Private Pilot license. I am flying the Carenado FS2004 Cessna 172 on these flights.


This is a direct route which was done in a very scenic evening flight. I got some great pictures.


Departing Alexander Municipal Airport (E80)

1 - Departing E80.jpg


Over Desert

2 - Over Desert.jpg


From the Cockpit

3 - From the Cockipt.jpg


Sun Setting

4 - Sun Setting.jpg


Blue Background vs the Sun

5 - Blue Background vs the Sun.jpg


Purple Setting Sun

6 - Purple Setting Sun.jpg


Approaching Springerville KJTC (formerly Q35 in fs2004)

7 - Approching Springerville KJTC (Q35 in fs2004).jpg


Let me know what you think


Check out my Real World Flights on the Eric Flight YouTube Channel

Eric Flight YouTube Channel

Check out my Flight Sim Livestreams on Twitch

Eric Flight Twitch Channel


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hey Eric, nice intro to your youtube channel and nice screenshots and welcome to the community, I have subbed you, was at 10 may sometime soon change to 11 as I just seconds ago hit the sub button, darrenvox is my youtube channel has lots of the same fs or IRL stuff as well!!


keep up the good work with the screen if you post any fs vids soon, go below "screenshot" forum area and find ms flightsim vids and drop a link...most people are up to sub4sub sort of thing where you ask someone to subyour channel and end up getting sub to theirs...it works gracefully!!

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