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SMS Overland's ANA Pokémon Peace Jet 777-300 ; my 1st full repaint !

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Hey guys ... So for quite some time I've started repainting airliners for (only, at least for now. I'm still studying repaints after all) SMS Overland's models ! These 'Overland' metal wings have a lot of liveries available for them, and it's not very hard to fly either, good for those who can't fly in FSX long enough to set things up the way PMDG goes because of other business (I also have PMDG's Boeing 777-200LRX and 777-300ERX and I admit it feels like flying the real aircraft, but I barely fire 'em up because of being busy with other stuff in real life)


And boy ... I could say repainting is (perhaps) a lot harder than flying itself ! Anyway ... After a lot of hardships during cruise ... I've finally managed to paint my most favorite livery of all time to SMS Overland's Boeing 777-300 (which is pretty rare) ... That's right, JA754A ... ANA's Pokémon peace jet ! (oh, I'm an avid pokémon fan too in case you don't know)



This pokémon jet, as it turned out IRL, was the last to be flown. Being debuted in 2011 in conjunction of the release of pokémon black and white for Nintendo DS, many people said that she was one of the most beautiful airliners to adorn Japan's skies. Unfortunately ... Despite the jet's long haul capability, JA754A never flew out of Japan's territory throughout its life as ANA designed the jet to be flown only for domestic routes (like Tokyo Haneda - Okinawa or Sapporo, for instance), and a year ago, following the expiration of ANA's contract with nintendo to fly this beautiful jet in March 2016 ... This livery was painted out of existence throughout April 2016 and by May JA754A has reappeared as 'just a regular ANA jet', marking the end of pokémon jets (even though it's just 3 months before pokémon started becoming extremely popular again thanks to pokémon GO's release in July ... ANA should've extended the contract I suppose, at least until the end of 2016).


I'd like to see how popular the pokémon peace jet would have been had the livery survived till at least the end of 2016. I bet it would've been very popular thanks to pokémon GO's hype enveloping the entire world back then, and even ANA would've arranged special international charters aboard JA754A for pokémon GO fans around the world, carrying them for special 'catch 'em all' missions throughout pokémon GO's world hotspots (not just within Japan).


Nonetheless, this was why I got an inspiration to start repainting liveries ... I've started doing this since October last year for Overland and CLS airplanes (currently, I still can only paint simple shapes aboard CLS jets though...). Originally I only painted something like streaks, solid colors, or waves or something like that ... But as time went on, I finally got the skills to draw complex shapes in photoshop, and so ... I tried reliving the livery aboard Overland's 777-300 model.


After 2 months of struggling with photoshop to repaint this beauty ...

SMS ANA Pokémon port.pngSMS ANA Pokémon starboard.png


Yep, those were the results :) !

It's not exactly original however ... As I borrowed the shading @ the fuselage's bottom and ribbons from Diego Roxas's repaint of the same livery (as available here = https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=166000)


I had to do that as I couldn't really draw any shading yet ... I haven't got any drawing tablets !, but still, I really love this livery and I felt pleased and honored as I repainted it with my hands ! Oh yeah, I had requested his permission in person regarding the shading and ribbons, so don't worry about copyright infringement.


Anyhoo ... Let's check pikachu & co's jet out in action, shall we ?


Some more tweaking done to a particular FSX mission's .flt, and ...



Welcome everyone, to Paris Air Show 2015 ! Looked like my jet was the most vibrant in terms of coloration out of all ... Although perhaps the 787 and B-52 in the background were more viral, due to them 'holding wings' with each other ! (Yes, I modified FSX's Paris Air Show mission default aircraft, so that JA754A could mark her international debut in the best manner possible, after flying all the way from Tokyo beyond what she's used to do ; airshows.)


***Sorry though, I guess I have to cut the original post here as I somehow couldn't upload more in this post ... More screenshots to follow !***

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Some briefing from my copilot (who still explained this jet as an Airbus A321 !) ... And we're ready to taxi to RWY 3/21 !


Feels like a parade ... Then again, airshows are about aircraft parades, right ?

I felt like this pokémon anime song's good enough for our trip along Le Bourget's taxiways: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-H33DhnXLg :D





Arriving @ Runway 3/21 ... The sky's waiting for us !



Flaps down, spool the engines up !

Oh yeah, during the takeoff roll ... This song (also from the anime) sang through my mind :

; read the english translation and I think you'll know why this song felt like it fits with the jet (or at least it fits for me).



V1 ... Rotate off the runway ! (the song was at 3:05 at this point)

Let's go and show off our own 7-colored arch in the great sky !

(Indeed, we can't literally 'sketch the 7-colored arch' in the sky with this kind of airplane as it would seem unrealistic ... Nonetheless, I suppose JA754A's colors are enough to be the 7-colored arch itself (obviously this jet has more than 7 colors, but yeah ....)



V2 ... Gears up !



Rolling around for the left - hand downwind leg ! (my copilot was kinda wrong when he said 'turn to 210 degress' ... Should've been 205 degress as that's how the runway was oriented !)



Whoa ... Flying this close and low to the eiffel tower ... Something we don't get to experience everyday



A short moment later ... We passed over Le Bourget's runway 3/21 for our hi-speed flyby !

As we're turning around for the low-speed flyby session ... Please see the fans of the engines ; those fans are definitely Overland's. When done, Lemme explain why I chose the Paris airshow mission as my repaint's (and to a sense, Pokémon peace jet's) first debut to the world beyond what she's used to be in.


It's simple, really ... This livery is so beautiful, and yet the only repaints available for FSX (until now that is) were for PMDG and the freeware project opensky ; I'm not sure if the POSKY pack can actually be used for the FS2004, but the PMDG one definitely can't be used there. And from that, came my inspiration to paint this, my favorite livery .... Which can be flown in both FSX and FS2004 (I've never tested it out in FS2004 as I only have FSX but I'm sure it will work correctly. Then again, SMS Overland's airliners were originally designed for FS2004).


As for why I chose the Paris Airshow to show off my paint ... Well, I felt like it could be an 'almost real' experience to see this jet (who technically never left Japan during her service), showing off her beauty over landmarks around the world. Moreover, Paris (and France in general) Holds a distinction as one of the special places (outside Japan) for the pokémon franchise ; France was where the region of Kalos based upon. Kalos itself is the main region of Pokémon XY game & anime series, and by extension also Pokémon XYZ anime. Meanwhile, Paris was the base of the most 'populous' city of the pokémon world ; Lumiose City. The eiffel tower that you can see in one of the screenshots also became the basis of Lumiose City's main landmark, the Prism Tower.


Heck, even Paris and Lumiose City share the same nickname ; The city of light

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So after our hi-speed flypast, we need to show off the airliner in landing configuration, but without touching down...Let's show 'em off ! *Landing gears, drop !*



Overflying central Paris again...This time, we really started feeling a thrill ! I mean, we could hit the Eiffel Tower if we didn't turn fast enough !



Well, we better don't descend any further if we don't want to collide with the buildings ! Oh, this scene so reminds me of approaches to Kai Tak Airport's runway 13....



I suppose we're clear ... But we better don't go too fast ! We don't want to let people to see aircraft failures in airshows, right ?



Overflying the runway in 'approach' mode ! Must be thrilling for everyone down there !


Next stop, we get back to the ground in a mark of victory !

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And finally ... With the end of the 'approach - style' flypast, came the most challenging moment of all ; the landing. You see, in this mission, there's no flightplan programmed in the 1st place although it could've been extremely helpful. As a result ... Yeah, I have to refer to visual cues around. Anyhoo, enough with that and let's focus !



Landing configuration, fully set !



Holy mew ... The scariest turn I've ever done ! Dang, it felt like as if the port wingtip was going to hit the building !



What a beautiful sight ... Both the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in a single shot ! And this was after the scary turn !



And...It became scary again. This time there were a row of buildings that had to be passed over.



Buildings clear ... Now the tricky part ; how to align with the runway ?

Long story short, I turned around for a go-around and attempted another approach. This time I was pretty lucky (considering there's no flightplan to follow) ; I turned the autopilot heading knob at just the right moment (with altitude knob shut down after aligning with the runway so that I could touch down on the runway. Didn't photograph the touchdown though, as I needed to focus with the touchdown.



TOUCHDOWN !!! thank god the components worked well !

The music post touchdown changed into ... This one :

Seriously, it felt like a glorious day for us, being able to successfully show the beauty of pokémon peace jet to everyone !



turning 'round to runway 9/27 ; the only lane that's viable for taxiing (LoL :o)



Comin' out of runway 27/9, directly to the taxiway that would lead us back to our starting spot right away.


And the next ... The ending of our beautiful flight !

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'Welcome back ! That's a great show up there !' ... It felt like the other airliners on the ramp 'screamed' at us for our performance in the skies. Truly made our hearts bloom !



And finally ... Welcome back to our ramp ! You did beautiful everyone ... Good job team ! now let's prepare for all the pokémon fans apparently already congregating out there around the airport !




And so ... That's all of the story of this pokémon peace jet I painted for SMS Overland's 777 .... It was really a pleasure for me to finally start fully immersing myself into the world of simulator repainting :cool:, and even painting a livery as special as this ... And testing it out in one heck of a mission !

And now ... It's time for me to ask : Do you wanna fly this beauty ... ? cause I wanna release it to the file library soon (after the necessary permission regarding the 'borrowed' parts have been obtained)! Just tell me (via PM or reply to this thread), and I'll see your response as a consideration for me to release this beauty for ... Mainly all the overland users but I also would like to dedicate this livery, to everyone on flightsim's network ! thank you all of you!

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Great shots!! Plus the descriptions are great as well.


I know I'm way too old to consider walking into traffic while staring at a cell phone! But that happened apparently several times in various places sround the world. Evolution at work??



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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@ Rupert, Haha ... Thanks buddy !


And well ... Regarding pokémon GO, indeed it's not as popular as when it was first released anymore, but nonetheless even until now you still can see people playing this game now and then, just not as often as what it used to be (even fully-grown adults and sometimes elders !)

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@ Peer01, Many thanks, pal !


You know, I still have a 'stratospheric' amount of liveries I'd like to do !

My next stop, ANA Star Wars 767-300ER -- JA604A ! This time, I'll also try to make it for CLS (and maybe even captain sim) 767s as well!

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