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Falcon 50 for FS2004?


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here you go. just click the link and it is a direct download. a search on avsim for these names;(Yannick Lavigne, Fred Banting and Rob Young) will bring up a few repaints for the aircraft, and a bunch of other fsx stuff.


Thanks. I have that file but that's the FS2002 version. I don't believe it works correctly in 2004 from what I've read. I couldn't find a specific 2004 version. I'll give the 2002 a try and see what happens.

Mark Daniels
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Here's an extract from an old Flightsim post:


A quick search disclosed that this aircraft was originally developed for FS2000, updated by Mr Lavigne for FS2002, later updated for FS2004 by Eric Dantès, with further mods by Martyn Becker. Issues with the overhead gauge seem to stem from using the FS2002 version in FS2004; here is the FS2004 version -



At the bottom of page of the above link is:


Where to get?

Base Model: http://www.airswitzerland-va.ch/Downloads/svaf/Fal50c2.zip

Fix Pak 1: http://www.airswitzerland-va.ch/Downloads/svaf/Fa50pch2.zip

Update FS2004: http://www.airswitzerland-va.ch/Downloads/svaf/Falcon50_2k4.zip

Swiss Airforce Texture (Author Hans-Ruedi Maibach: http://www.airswitzerland-va.ch/Downloads/svaf/saf_fal50_07.zip


Hope that helps.

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