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ASI Freezes and 'Odd' view behaviour


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I 'fly' several Vcol a/c in FS 2004 (FS9.1) including Embraer 190/195 and Bombardier Dash 8 Q400. All excellent.


Mostly I use the Dash 8 Q400 and I have a couple of questions about strange behaviour of the model.


Recently I've noticed the ASI (both the digital and analogue back up) stop registering speed and go to zero. I might be climbing at 250kts, say, and suddenly nothing. It comes back by itself before landing.


The second qustion is about 'view', and unexpected changes cycling / switching between views: 2D cockpit / 3D virtual cockpit / external (tower) and main external view. Just recently a couple of times when going from 'tower' external to main external (when 'in the air') the image is suddenly VERY large, detailed, and close up. When this happens the surface of the model 'peels' open as the 'plane passes - I can see everything inside: pilots, cabin seats, everything. It looks great, of course, but I don't know why it is happening at all, or why it is only occasional and not always.


Can anyone suggest why either of these might be happening - neither seems to affect my other a/c?

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Your ASI freezes when your Pitot Tube has frozen, you need to switch Pitot Heat on. If there is no switch, press Ctrl+H to toggle Pitot Heat On/Off.

The external view or Spot View camera has built-in inertia, which reacts to your plane's speed and reverts to the last zoom setting for that view when you cycle back to it from any other view. The inertia effect is most noticeable when cycling back to a forward spot view.

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Thank you, tiger1962, that explains the ASI. To test it I tried 'forcing' the ASI behaviour by deliberately flying high and cold without pitot heat. Sometimes the Dash Q-400 warning panel would alert me to the need for pitot heat but the ASI continued to work, other times it would fail on take-off.


On the question of the 'spot view', I found out yesterday, by trial and error, the relationship between speed and zoom. It's fascinating (to me) to 'play' with this and find out just how much detail there is hidden in some of the models. Thanks again.

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