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question - red light on jetway not lit - not sure it ever was, but want it lit up!


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THe title says it all I think.

The jetways in fsx have a red light on top of them. (On part that ataches to plane.)

I think I remember it used to be lit red at some point. But then stopped doing that.

But I could just be remebering it wrong.:)


Does anyone see it lit up? Would you drop a line if you do.

Does anyone know how to "fix" this?


Thanks for reading,


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THank you, that looks markedly better then what I see.:)

I found your link and downloaded them. Will report back in about an hour.


Then again, I don't think I ever used replacement jetway texures, and I do think I saw that brightness a while ago. Fully default....

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That worked great! Thanks!


I tried a few other things first. Monitor colors--no effect. Nvidea menu colors--no effect. Switched on DX10 preview mode in fsx--no effect.


Then opened the NL2000 file you linked. The HSBC jetway texture package.


I had a look if textures with the same names as the HSBC files, were already present in my fsx install. They should, as these new files are replacement files for originals.

The filenames were indeed already present.


Just in case something was wrong with my installed files, I replaced the files with the originals of the files from a backup I made shortly after installing fsx. Again--no difference showed.


Then took a close look at the replacement files. They were dds image files, so I viewed them with DxtBmp.

One of the files you linked, the AIR_Jetway01_lm.dds file. (_lm for lightmap)) had a clear bright red spot.


The original lightmap file did not have a bright red area.


At that point I decided to do the replace action. I made a backup of the originals, changing their extension from .dds to .dds.bak

Then I put in the replacements in their place.


Now light is bright red at night. Here's two screenshots of the result.

(I still had dx10 preview on at the time, but I checked dx9, and it works just as great there.)

Thanks a bunch! I tried Google, but only found threads on payware airport issues. Textures and lights seems a hot topic there. Makes searching difficult. Glad I didn't wait too long asking.

I did see the HSBC texture print before. I think one of the Berlin Addon aiports I have uses them. Those are static. And I think I saw that yellow and red in FS2004screenshots as well.

Maybe that's why I mistakenly remembered mine to be brighter earlier. Was probably thinking of a screenshot I saw.

Thanks again MrZippy, Cheers,




much better 0.JPG



much better 1.JPG

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