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South Pacific - Curtiss SB2C "Helldiver"

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Aeroplane Heaven





















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Nice ones, Adam, I like your plane! I've gone the way of the Great and Noble; lost my computer one morning about ten days ago to the black screen of death... won't even boot to safe mode. I've got a serious hill to climb to reconstruct all that was on that terabyte drive! I may not be able to fly, but I can still make a comment or two, and I loved this post. Everything about it seemed spot on to me, nice job, my friend!
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Very nice Adam, the scenery & plane look great together. Is that a certain blueblood I see siting in the back? If so, better not let him get his hands on the controls.:):)



Since he's over the water I agree 100%! I just wish we'd hear from his Peerness. I haven't had my nose punched in months!




As always, you show the rest of us how it should be done. :cool:



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Thank you Klee, sorry to hear about your computer. I had that very same thing happen about 4 years ago, what a bummer. :)


Thanks Bernardo. :) Could very well be his, this plane is acting a little strange. It seems like it's searching for water, much like a divining rod. :D


Hey Michael, how many months does it take to get a new computer anyways, I had mine in a few hours. The good thing is i'm all healed up. :D Thank you much. :)


Thank you Gonzalo. :)

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Just when my headaches and double vision cleared up. :mad:


Welcome back, Highness, you have been missed! PAH! :rolleyes:


Seems like you have a lot of love going on there Jan, we'll se how long that lasts. :D


Welcome back my friend. :)

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