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Crashed again...

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe





I have googled this but didn't find anything useful. Any help is appreciated.


my system is a HP laptop, Intel gen 4 quad cord i3 @ 1.9ghz, 8gb ram, 1.5 HD video ram and 750gb Hard drive.

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'Shim' errors are '.net Framework' type errors. Might need to install a certain version you do not yet have installed. Here is installation guide: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/5a4x27ek(v=vs.110).aspx .

Chuck B


i7 2600K @ 3.4 Ghz (Turbo-Boost to 3.877 Ghz), Asus P8H67 Pro, Super Talent 8 Gb DDR3/1333 Dual Channel, XFX Radeon R7-360B 2Gb DDR5, Corsair 650 W PSU, Dell 23 in (2048x1152), Windows7 Pro 64 bit, MS Sidewinder Precision 2 Joy, Logitech K-360 wireless KB & Mouse, Targus PAUK10U USB Keypad for Throttle (F1 to F4)/Spoiler/Tailhook/Wing Fold/Pitch Trim/Parking Brake/Snap to 2D Panel/View Change. Installed on 250 Gb (D:). FS9 and FSX Acceleration (locked at 30 FPS).
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Thanks for the replies, Windows 10 bit the dust and I had to reformat the hard drive. I am in the process of reinstalling everything. The problem was traced to the last security update and another program (I don't know that one) causing conflicts and DLL errors.

Happy:pilot:Flyin yall

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Ah that sucks! Clean installing everything is always quite a job.

'Poor yourself a stiff drink' seems to help you through, a wise man once wrote on this forum. :-)



Grtz., Hans


That was pour a stiff drink...maybe 2 in this case!;)

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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When all is set up again, make a system Image. A System Image gets stored on a external drive. You can use it to restore a partition in case of problems.

The partition gets restored to how it was when you made the Image.

If you make a new one every week or so, you won't lose much in a restore. Especially if you use at least two partitions. A for win and programs, D, E, etc for your personal data. (during a restore, data on other partitions is unaffected.).

System Images can be made with several freeware programs. There's payware programs for it too.

(I use Acronis (payware) and also used and like EaseUS TODO Backup (freeware).)


Restoring an image of C on my SSD (135gb of data, 100gb free) takes about 30 minutes with acronis. With EaseUS TODO Backup it takes a bit longer.


Always good to have the option to restore the system in case of massive problems.

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(I use Acronis (payware) and also used and like EaseUS TODO Backup (freeware).)


Uh, system image backup and recovery disk creation is built in, standard, in Windows 10. No need for payware, unless you love some extra features from your vendor. Windows 8 & 7 have this basic backup feature, too.





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Thanks for all advice. I will make an image of my system and backup my system. I want to make a follow up on the install of FSX Deluxe. At the end of the install I received an error code 1722 and 1603. After googling 1722 I found 1 from flyawaysim that solved my issue. I am including the link for anyone who might experience the same problem.




You will need the reset tool and follow the instructions to the letter (I didn't the first time). Hope this helps make things easier.



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