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Orbx On Sale For 47 Percent Off


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Shalom and greetings all my pals,


Orbx is having 47 percent off sale even though I do not know which products.


So since I am totally new and totally clueless about Orbx stuff, what scenery or package do I need in order to be able to utilize and enjoy PAJN and PAKT sceneries, please?


Will Orbx sceneries screw up FSX and computer systems?? I do not want to screw up my new laptop!!






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Shalon Aharon,


As to your request I am about to post a flight including PAJN and PAKT on the Screen Shot Forum. You can see what you think there. ;)



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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If buying ORBX products, which 2 should you buy first? I live in US and fly mostly in the US. Currently, use FMX Mesh. FEX and UT. Ohve Orbx NW.

Brian W.


I5-8400, EVGA GTX 1070.ti, 16 gigs ram, 500g Samsung SSD, 1.5 T HDD, 1 T HDD, Win 10, 64bit.

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They have demos you can run, I ran and flew the Olympic Peninsula and I was impressed with how great the scenery and airports were. ,I never made it to Iceland. I did have problems though so it did mess up my system as discussed on their forum at this link:


(I am KLK in the Orbx forum and didn't have the exact problem as the original poster on that thread but very similar, in the thread is a link to another similar thread I started.




If you follow the thread through Orbx did propose a fix to the problem that seems to have worked. It took a couple of weeks but I appreciate them getting back especially since I haven't yet bought their product but just used the demo.


I do however have another problem that I'm not sure if it is Orbx related so haven't yet posted it on their forum. Sometimes after a long flight landing at an add on airport I will have building and airline textures just disappear, not all of them but a lot, the ai aircraft will be just frames, no textures, or building roofs will disappear on third party add ons, or even the aircraft I am piloting will end up with its texture just vanishing (like I'm in an invisible plane, 2d cockpit is fine but no 3d cockpit or outside textures). I don't know for sure that this problem is due to Orbx but happened around the same time (and I will admit it could be non-related, it feels like just a lack of memory type problem or something).


When I get time I plan to uninstall Orbx and see if that solves the second problem. I get the feeling that the first problem which they proposed a fix for is relatively new , the second one like I said I'm not sure if it is Orbx related and haven't seen any mention from others on the forum. Uninstalling Orbx though is not as easy as I'd like, have to go in a delete a few files and entries. They have a guide to that on their forum but I haven't done it yet.


So while I want to give the product a try, (mostly for the really good looking airports they have, and maybe for South East Alaska where I don't have any other add ons to worry about compatibility) but the base back is required they say for any of their other products). Given that I plan to pass on the sale and watch their forums and experiment some more with the problems I'm having to see if things can end up working a little cleaner.


Despite my caution they have a ton of happy customers, so I am cautious but haven't ruled it out yet, but I get nervous touching my sim with anything too complicated or hard to undo.

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