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I enjoyed flight sim a few years ago but then drifted away into other things. However, I'd now like to get back to it and so recently purchased the Steam version of FSX. Here's where I'm slightly confused. FSX is in essence a dead product and has been for years, BUT I'd read that a company called Dovetail took over the rights to FSX and are meant to be releasing a new sim in the coming months....is this correct?


The reason I'm asking this question is because I don't want to perhaps get add-ons for FSX only to find they become obsolete when this new, improved Dovetail FSX comes out.





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Dovetail only bought the rights to sell fsx.

Not to change it, or create new versions.


If they create something else, it's not based on fsx.


That's not quite correct. Dovetail also bought the rights to use Microsoft's flight simulator technologies (ie, the code) and are coming out with a new sim based on this code. I believe they said they started with the FSX code and not Flight. Dovetail Flight School was their first attempt, and they are still planning on releasing a full sim. However, it likely won't be compatible with FSX, at least not directly.

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