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Virtual Airline Features


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Hi all,


Id like to know what are the best features you have seen with a virtual airline?


Which features are imortant to you? What do you miss or what feature would you like to see at yout VA?


For example to me it's very important to be able to easily get in touch with other VA Members through teamspeak server or similar.



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The best feature I've see is from http://www.airwego.org.uk/index.php/


You can download the complete schedule for a specific aircraft of flightplans as well as FMC flightplans. This keeps things unified and easy. You choose your flight from their website and then load in that flight into your flightsim as well as being able to enter the company route into your FMC and your all done, no flight planning on your part.


Of all the VA's I've seen this is the most unique feature I've come across.


What would I like to see?

Well for starters, airlines acting like airlines and not flying clubs.


Just about every VA out there is nothing more than a flying club: fly whatever aircraft you want, wherever you want whenever you want. Airlines have lots of structure, there is very little of this in VA's today.


Assigned flights or a bidding system.

one route to one pilot at any one time.

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To me speaking of features would include things such as ACARS or ease of PIREP reporting, access to the VA's fleet, a good published route system.


Not every VA is created to act like a real Airline, but those that are, yes they should emulate their real world counter part. There are plenty of Virtual Airlines that do just that.


Some, however, are what VATSIM calls fictional. Their rules are their own, be it a flying club type VA or one structured to emulate real world aviation practices.


I can't think of a single VA that does not let you know up front whether they emulate a real airline or are one of their own creation. Some adapt a standard protocol based on the type of VA they are, ie, cargo, passenger, charter, etc, while others it is pretty much anything goes.


Regardless, the key features to me would be sustainability - how long has it been around -- availability of textured aircraft, a decent PIREP reporting system, and a a good route system. Most important, a Virtual Airline that cares about it's pilots and communicates with them on a one on one basis, and don't intimidate those new to the virtual airline world.


Those are the key elements I like to think we maintain at Max Freight Virtual Airline. But even as a long standing VA we seek to improve communications and make our pilots feel like they belong, we welcome those new to flight simulator and flying on line. Not perfect, but none are.


Roy MAX6

Chief Operations Officer

Max Freight VA

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As a freight forwarder in Air Export, I wonder if the so called "Cargo" airlines follow TSA and IATA regs to show chain of custody and dealing with DG.


Do they actually go through the paperwork to understand how all of that works? lol Do they create virtual pouches with MAWB#'s and HAWB#'s ? Do they know what a ULD is and how many positions there are in say a 747 freighter? lol I doubt it...

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This thread leads me to ask.. How do you create a VA?


How do you get it called out with VATSIM etc?


Im building a 737-800NG home cockpit and once it is all up and running I can see it consuming the rest of my life and I would like to start my own VA..


Just curious in what it takes..

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X: Motherboard: MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON : 16GB DDR4 3000MHz:

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 TI graphics card.

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