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Carenado Bonanza F33 Trim Issue


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I am experiencing some funky problem with the trim on Carenado.s F33 Bonanza in FSX that is not happening with other planes on my system. It seems that the trim changes 'on its own' and won't stay set. I can trim for climb out at say 1000 fpm and then all of a sudden the nose will drop and it takes full up trim to recover. I've checked the CG and it's normal. I've adjusted elevator effectiveness and elevator trim effectiveness in the cfg. file and have not been able to resolve. I generally have no trouble with any Carenado product and this has me stumped. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Brooks Stover
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It sounds like an inadvertent activation of the autopilot. Either that or whatever control you use to change trim is running away. Or perhaps you have some control double assigned (perhaps through FSUIPC and FS controls). I don't have the F33 but the V35 works fine without any such problem.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

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