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Give credit when credit is due


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I want to give credit to Bob Chicilo. He has made dozens of Aircraft updates to make them more usable to us simmers. What he has done requires a huge amount of work to no benefit to him.He does it to help us. I have e-mailed him a lot and he has always replied with help and answers. He is a very generous person that always wants to help.He is a FSX Superstar. If you have installed and enjoyed his aircraft ,why don't you E-mail him and say thank you. his E-MAIL address is located in his readme files.
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Thank you for the wake-up call. He does do excellent work, and I have quite a few of this works. Thanks, I'll contact him.

Brian W.


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I have removed the e mail address from your post.


It is wise not to post e mail addresses on forums.


Bob's e mail is supplied in the readme txts of his downloads if anyone wants to thank him for his work.






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Unfortunately, he's not the only one who do not have recognition or a simple "thank"

for their time and hard work to make our virtual life more interesting and realistic.

Scrolling the file library and seeing some files, downloaded a couple of thousands time

without a single comment, is stunning !

It's like, for the last ten years, that more and more people think the "free stuff" on the net

is "due" to them. Like they deserved to take everything without effort and implication.

... ichhh !

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