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Ultimate Traffic 1 Airline Import Help Needed


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Hi there,


Today I read a tutorial, of how to import WOAI Airlines, Aircraft and Flightplans into

Ultimate Traffic 1 which I have. At the following link :-




And today I started what will be a long process, of importing all the WOAI Packages I have into Ultimate Traffic 1.

Unless anyone knows a quicker method, than the one described in the above link.


However despite following the instructions in that post, Aegean Airlines is what I am starting with. When I thought everything was okay. I was about to Import, but that option was greyed out, even though the .apf File, saved properly.


I am assuming this is due, to one or more of the 3 Files i.e. aircraft.txt Airports.txt and FlightPlans.txt having Errors ?


Here is the aircraft.txt File Text from the Import Airline Folder in Ultimate Traffic 1 :-


AC#1,460,"F1AI73S*H1 *H1 *00"

AC#1000,200,"WoA_DJC_A321_IAE_AEE-Aegean Airlines"

AC#1001,200,"WoA_DJC_A320-200_IAE_AEE-Aegean Airlines"

AC#1002,200,"WoA_DJC_A319_IAE_AEE-Aegean Airlines"


The other Files are to big to post the text, or attach the Files to the post,


Could someone look at the Files in question if I email someone them, If that is okay ? Preferably someone with Ultimate Traffic 1, or if not look at the Website link I have provided. And get back to me about where I have gone wrong ? As I am not sure you see, this will help me when doing the same for the other WOAI Packages I have. Any help someone could give me, would be very much appreciated. I asked a different question on the Ultimate Traffic (Classic) Forum before, but have not yet had a reply.


Regards Eddie Winch

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Hi Eddie


Hopefully I can help you, as i wrote the tutorial.


So....... you assign the aircraft in the UT interface, then save the new airline file .apf


But when you return to the page to import the file into UT the option is greyed out?


mmmmm..... when you are on the import page (with the greyed out import button), can you see the text at the top of the screen "Current Airline Package file : XXXXX ? (the XXXX represent your new airline name.)


If the apf file saved correctly there is nothing wrong with your plans. You can try importing it again by selecting LOAD instead of CREATE NEW.


Let me know how you get on



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Hi Peter (pschlute),


Many thanks for your reply to this Thread, it's very much appreciated. I think i know what the problem is. In the aircraft.txt and FlightPlans.txt, the Hooters Airline, info was still present, in those files in the Import Airline Folder of Ultimate Traffic 1.


So I have now imported the Hooters Airline Package i.e. .apf File, into Ultimate Traffic 1. Am I correct in thinking, each time I import an Airline Package I have created.


I should back up the aircraft.txt and FlightPlans.txt Files, with the imported Airline info i.e. copy and paste. Then delete the imported Airline info from those two Files, and then paste in the new Information for the New Airline Package ?


As the problem I think was caused by the fact the Hooters Aircraft, was in the Aegean Airlines Aircraft Assignment Menu in Ultimate Traffic 1, and therefore I was needing to Assign that Aircraft, so the Airline Import couldn't be done, because the Aircraft Assignment was not complete without me realising it ?


So is it okay to erase the corresponding info from those two Files. Once an Airline Package .apf File is imported ? Any help and info would be much appreciated.


Regards Eddie Winch

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Hi Peter,


I have managed to import, my Aegean Airlines Package into Ultimate Traffic 1. I was correct in my assumption of what, I thought was causing the problem I was having.


Just wondering, when it says then do a Compile, is that only when you want to generate a Traffic.bgl File for FS2004 ? Or do you have to do this anyway ?


Also if so, can you do it after several Airline Packages have been imported, or do you have to do the compile after each import ? And you say to delete the Aircraft Assignments, for the old Version of the Airline to prevent Duplicate Flights.


Is it sufficient alternatively, to simply not select the old Airline from the Airline Compile Menu. And only check the new Version of the Airline, as both are displayed there. For the Traffic.bgl File compile, to prevent Duplicate Flights etc ?




Eddie Winch

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After you have saved and imported an apf file, the contents of aircraft.txt/airports.txt/flightplans.txt are not needed. You can delete them, or what I do is leave them where they are until the next import I do when i overwrite them with the new airline data.


The compile procedure is as you say, to create a new Traffic.bgl file for FS9. You do not have to do it immediately after importing a new airline, and it is fine to wait until you have imported a number of new airlines.


Your method of preventing duplicate flights by not selecting the old (original ) airline in the compile procedure will work just fine.

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Hi Peter (pschlute),


Many thanks for responding to the questions I asked, it is very much appreciated.


I was reading a thread at the Ultimate Traffic Forums, about an error with Palmspotter and TCAS in Ultimate Traffic 1, and there is a link to the Update File which fixes the error at the Following link :-




Here is the Link to the Thread, at the Ultimate Traffic Forums :-




However when I clicked on the link, and tried to download the File, my Avira Antivirus Program, said it had a virus, or Malware within it, and quarantined, the offending File.


Do you Peter, or anyone else on this Forum, know anywhere else on the internet, that you can download the File from ? That doesn't have Malware or Virus embedded within the File ?


I would appreciate it if someone could tell me, as I would like to fix the problem too.


Best Regards


Eddie Winch

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Hi Eddy, most antivirus programs will flag up a false warning from time to time. The update file will be fine, if you open your Avira program and go to the quarantine section you will be able to select the update file and change it's setting to 'Allow' or 'Ignore' or 'Add to exceptions' or something similar. The file will then re-appear where you downloaded it, ready for use.

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