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Can anybody help me with an afcad I have made?


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I have installed RAF ABINGDON EGUD by Owen Morris --available here as raf_abin.zip.


I have made an afcad for it and given it comm frequencies and corrected all the nodes etc faults through the Fault Finder,

but I get trees & buildings in the wrong places...


The reason I gave it comm frequencies is that I want to make an AI Traffic file for it with the HP Hastings AI, the DH Comet and other RAF a/c of the period.


I tried to make an exclude with Airport Designer Editor but failed miserable--ADE and I never get along!


I can send the afcad I have made if you give me a regular email address through a pm, if you can help out and remove the unwanted trees & buildings.


Anyone willing to give it a try?


Once made, I will upload the AI Traffic file here, so people can download it.


Nick Tselepides, Athens, Greece.

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The scenery appears to already have an A&FD file with it: AF2_EGUD.bgl . It is possible that this is not a true AF2 file but one made with other software and the "excludes" and other features are embeeded in it.


If you either edit or create a new AF2 file with AFCAD2, this will lose any such features. AFCAD2 is old and outdated, and is unable to save such features, even if they already exist in the file. I am guessing this is where you are going astray.


ADE will certainly do the job properly, but if you find the learning curve steep you might find AFX easier to use - see http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=afxv1 . AFX works in a very similar way to AFCAD2 but includes the extra features that have overtaken the now-outdated AFCAD2.





My co-pilot's name is Sid and he's a star!

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