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What nav aid would be most likely be used in a deep valley.


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Ok I have a install AP deep in a Peruvian Andes valley.


It hasn’t any nav aids and does not show on Plan-G map.



The question is, what nav aid would be most likely be used in a deep valley?



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I would want a NDB at the airport. Makes it easy to work your way back.


Why would you need navigation? Just fly so you don't hit anything and you MUST arrive at your destination. And if you can't see it when you get there, then your probably going to fly into something anyway, and shouldn't have flown there in the first place. :D


The obvious answer is GPS, at 5 mile range or less. All radio beacons are line of sight and will be blocked until you're so close anyway.

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Depending on the size and traffic of the airport it would most likely have an ILS for at least one runway.


I would probably expect a VOR or NDB nearby on a ridge or mountain top to get you close to the airport.


Fortunately, navaids in FS are not line of sight so you can add whatever you want.



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Tell the guys at the FBO to go out and make a huge bonfire, and add a little oil to it. It'll make the smoke nice and visible, and you can see it for MILES!


(I don't know how you're going to land if the smoke cuts your visibility down...)




That would be cool if the Sim could be programmed to ignite bonfires, forest fires, etc.


(just some jocularity for a Monday morning... :D)

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Papua, the land of hazardous valleys and deep gorges, does not have many navaids. We fly VFR, avoid IMC as much as we can, and come in and go out visual all the way. Far too many pilots, some of them friends of mine, have fallen victim to the ominous letters "CFIT."


If there was indeed a ground-based navaid in a valley, I would expect an NDB to be installed. It's not line-of-sight and a relatively simple facility that is, in essence, no more than an advanced AM radio station.


But NDB's are very susceptible to various factors, such as thunderstorms (which would be pretty common towards the west of the Andes) and the night-effect. AM frequencies are rather fickle beings; pilots would realistically rely on GPS with some form of augmentation to weave their way through the valleys. GPS has come a long ways since its introduction to the masses a while back and is now considered by many to be a reliable source of guidance. I would expect a strip or an airport in such valleys to utilize GPS fixes to get pilots to the terminal area and then use an ILS to get them to land.


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Anyone here fly all the hops on the flightsim.com unofficial flight server?? I'm just going back to flying those and I'd recommend everyone here fly all 32 of the hops. That's why I'd scream I need an NDB!!...as the saying goes...you have to be there to understand all that...lol.//NKKC18....http://fsmpa.hopto.org/User999.html Might be the most aggravating flying I've done in flightsim:pilot::cool::rolleyes::D
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