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Ian Elliot's RAF Manston 1955 AI traffic


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I am making an AI traffic file for Ian Elliot's RAF Manston 1955 scenery, manstn55.zip.


So far, I have added an F-86D made from Ito's F-86D--converted to AI--and a Jet Provost T.5 made from the "AlphaSim - old freeware" file. The a/c folder of the Jet Provost T .5 is only 741 kb in size, so those old freeware files of Alphasim are ideal for making AI a/c out of them. Get them here: http://www.virtavia.com/Freeware/index.php?sort=date&dir=

and sort by size--as it is the largest, the file should appear at the bottom. It is "deleted Jet Provost T.5.zip".

Here is how I changed its aircraft.cfg:



title=Jet Provost T.Mk5 AI

sim=Jet Provost T5










atc_airline=Air Force


atc_parking_types =MIL_COMBAT



ui_type="Jet Provost T5"

ui_variation=Jet Provost T5, XW352, R

description=© 2001 ALPHA Simulations\n\nJet Provost T.Mk.5B\n\nSerial XW352, coded R was allocated to No. 6 FTS at RAF Finningley. Production started in 1955 and the Provost has been the mainstay of RAF jet training for many years, the aircraft is very forgiving but has suprising agility when asked to perform aerobatics. The airframe is very rugged and it is this that has led to the long life span of nearly 35 years before being replaced by the Tucano. \n\n\n


You can use the changed a/c cfg as guide to make more AI a/c out of those "AlphaSim - old freeware" files...


See attached screenshots, please.


I will add more files and eventually upload my work here,


Nick, Athens, Greece:o:o:o




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You might use Alphasim models as AI without modifying aircraft.cfg. That as any impact to

FPS or flying behavour. However you have to replace their air files by suitable ones. So with jets I use "Boeing737-400.air" to avoid having the AI flying only straight ahead with their default files.



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What you say is ok, but by using the old, deleted Alphasim files and converting them to AI the a/c folder is only 741 kb and that saves me disc space--very important in my case...


You are right about replacing with other airfiles but that also needs searching.



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That line on the map is straight--a pattern flight is not straight as far as I know.


The screenshot below just shows what could happen while using an Alphasim model as AI with its original air file. Some like Saab Draken fly correctly. The default Boeing737-400.air file mentioned before is appropriated (sorry for having typed b instead of p ...) for most jet and larger prop models, besides high wings.



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AI aircraft require a specific section in the AIR file to be able to turn to a new heading. Without that they travel only in a straight line, as in the map image above. Replacing the AIR file with (for example) the default 737 AIR file fixes this problem. Since virtually nothing in the AIR file actually controls how AI aircraft fly (that's all in the aircraft.cfg file), there is no problem with the swap, even if the AI plane is quite different from the 737.


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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