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Hi all I'm hoping someone can tell me what the hell happened.....But I took a flight from KATL to KMIA about 20 min to landing I'm doing a slow decent, at about 16000 feet the sim stop and tell me I crashed......the shot that FSX showed me is the plane flight......everything looks good! fspassengers give me a flight report saying that I hit the ground at 310 knots. Im lost everything was fine, The play was still in the air when the crash was reported. Anyone every had this happen? was a just a glitch?



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Well, the thing is: when you use incompatible scenery at some points the crash area of buildings of objects jn the scenery is out of place. So I wouldn't bet your life that you're not going to run into it again.

You know what scenery packages you installed. Check if they're compatible with FSX and it's not a poorly updated FS9 scenery. Only way to know. :-)



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