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Unable to download files for FSX


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Tried to download Milton Shupe's Beech 18 Native FSX today and got the following msg:


"Your browser or download accelerator is not presenting the login cookie.

These are the current FlightSim.Com cookies that your browser has:


fsc_sessionhash: 2c7e9b14536dfe68fdba8f47ce2ae396"



I've been to the instruction page for how to handle this issue but what they describe is not on my computer. I am running the following setup:


Windows 7 Home Edit

Service Pack 1

64 Bit OS

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Processor 3.00GHZ

12.0GB RAM


This just started today, in fact I downloaded other files from the web without a single issue and then this hiccup occurs.

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I am having the same problem, however, I was able to download one fsx file earlier today.

Now I am having the same problem you are.

I have tried both of my computers at home. Don't think it is a cookie problem. Thinking it is a problem on the website side, malware maybe? Trying to get everyone to download there program into your computer?

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