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F18 Avionics - How to turn them on?


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Okay guys this is probably a very basic question, but I'm quite new to that whole simulator-thing.


When I hop into the F-18, sometimes I start with turned on avionics, but most of the time I don't and I just can't get them to turn on.


The battery master switch is on and I pressed the shortcut to the avionics master switch, but these damn displays won't start up. I'm pretty sure I am missing something very basic, but the engines are started.


I also can't find anything on the internet.


Thanks in advance.

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Sometimes the battery, even though the switch for it is on, will run down quickly if the generators aren't switched on to keep the juices flowing! Check for the generator switches near the battery switch or you can program a keystroke for it!

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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