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FS2004 Makes the whole visual system of the computer fail


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After a recent reset on my PC, I did a normal express installation of the FS2004. Shortly however, I came across quite a serious problem that is repetitious for every time I click the "CHANGE..." button on the aircraft selection box. Immediately after clicking, the screen of my Windows 8 goes black and the cursor loading animation is displayed.

Once in a while, only for less than a second, the aircraft selection settings flash in the screen. Even though if I am able to exit the FS window, the same black screen remains and flashes the desktop (or any given window currently open). I haven't been able to do anything but reboot the computer, after which everything is back to normal.

So clearly the simulator is negatively interfering with the graphics system (AMD Radeon 8570). I have used FS9 on this particular computer for a number of years and never tumbled across such an error with any program. After I noticed the error, I installed the driver for AMD Radeon 8570M by Radeon, but no difference occured. As I'm all thumbs with computer hardware stuff, I'm not sure if the driver is a wrong one as my device manager shows that the driver is Radeon 8570, not 8570M. The installation of the driver did not have any disturbances, so I assume the driver is a correct one.

I also tried to install FS9.1 but the installation failed due to "an error type 18." I've reset my computer a number of times and gone through this same process of installing the FS9, then 9.1, but never faced this error. Possibly worth mentioning, I don't have any add ons installed. The FS9 is completely default, like my other software pretty much is as well because of a recent complete reset of it.


Thank you for your time and help!



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I would suspect a faulty vid driver or DX install. The following is recommended by Alienware for a clean vid driver install (I do not have such a system but this works well across the board):


Download the Display Driver Uninstaller (http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html)


- from Control Panel - Programs and Features, uninstall the video drivers, do not restart yet


- still in Programs and Features, uninstall any Microsoft Visual C++ entries (there may be one or several; they will be reinstalled with the vid drivers)


- restart in safe mode and run the Display Driver Uninstaller (this is a "search and destroy" to remove any remnants of old driver files, folders, registry entries, etc.)


- restart in normal mode and install the vid drivers


- you may need to install the DX9.0c redistributable (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx%3Fid%3D8109); while DX is backwards compatible, many older games, especially from WinXP days, expect to find these as separate files, not incorporated into DX10 or 11; this will not interfere with newer DX, it is a separate install and windows will automatically access it when necessary (this will appear in Programs and Features as Visual C++ 2008 and/or Visual C++ 2010)

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What does 'reset of my pc' mean. New operating system? Re-Install of Windows? And did you happen to go from 32 bit to 64 bit? Would like for you to list your specs. Little things mean a lot sometimes, especially when it comes to 32 -vs- 64 bit. Drivers are specific now a days for 32 -vs- 64 bit. And when running FS9, an 'older' 32 bit program, it gets a little messy sometimes. But it's all fixable if you give us enough info.

Chuck B


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Thank you for your answers!




It is 64 bit indeed, however it always was for me, and FS2004 had no problems.

Do you have knowledge about the "Error Type: 18", that I get during my installation attempts of the FS9.1 update?



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"Error Type: 18" is a C++ generated error; more reason to suspect vid driver/DX issues.


When you reset your system it probably reverted to the basic 2D video functions (this type of restore typically returns the system to its "off-the-shelf" configuration, which means default windows drivers), this is sufficient for the desktop and most office type applications; but almost all games from the past twenty years require the 3D functions (DX), if they do not find these they may refuse to load, or crash with C++ error messages or "runtime module" error messages, or may cause system instability as the vid card continually tries to enter 3D mode. In your case the install program is probably crashing while checking for the presence of the required DX files. A clean reinstall of the vid drivers usually clears the problem; and, as Napa pointed out, be sure to get the correct 64bit for your system.

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I also tried to install FS9.1 but the installation failed due to "an error type 18."


This could be an administrator rights issue with Win8. Try re-installing the 9.1 update as administrator, and make sure you have the original FS9.exe installed, not the No-CD patched .exe, and your CD4 in the drive.

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I would...


1. Manually back up your flight log

2. Uninstall all versions of Flight Simulator

3. Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card directly from the manufacturer of your graphics card. Ensure you download the correct ones for your operating system. They may not have made any updates to the drivers for Windows 8/8.1 in a while. Also, be sure you download the correct bits (32 vs 64).

4. Reinstall Flight Simulator.


If that doesn't fix it, I'm all out of other ideas.

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