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flytegv2.zip Problem


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Just heads up that flytegv2.zip, which is a scenery for MHTG Tegucigalpa in Honduras has a problem in it. The download of scenery bgls (in MHTGv2) includes files for LIMC (Malpenza in Italy), which totally distort LIMC airport - either defaulted or add-on. So, if you activate Fly-Tegucigalpa from this sites flytegv2.zip your LIMC becomes whitened out. It took me long time to figure out what is causing LIMC to act like it until I found the bgl files incorrectly placed into MHTG scenery.

Otherwise MANY thanks to FlyghtSim for other great downloads on this site.

I would probably suggest to either remove flytegv2.zip or modify it to remove the LIMC files.



Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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