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FSX Auto Sim Racing Forum Overview


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It was originally just a thought - could one make race cars and race tracks for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator and Steam? But why use FSX?


Although FSX is considered game-ware, it is first a hands on simulator that in many respects was way ahead of its time. So the question became, why not use it for real hands on simulation when it comes to racing hot cars down fast tracks?


Auto Sports Race Simulation for FSX and Steam is in its infancy. But based on very promising results the race tracks and cars demonstrate a whole new dimension for, or a way to get a lot more use out of, your FSX and/or Steam Edition.


It can also be a heck of lot cheaper than racing games; and you don't have pre-programmed drones, but instead can make friends in multi-player with other real simmers as racing buddies.


Le Mans 4 FSX , Indy 4 FSX, Pomana Dragstrip, and Lime Rock 4 FSX are great places to race FSX compatible cars. In the future, other famous race tracks will be rendered for Auto Sim racing too!


A Forum can be just about that alone. But to have simulation applied into a "racing game" requires some organization, and the forum is the best place for that also.


For now, we are starting off with a Support Forum, which will probably be more focused on announcements of improvements, as no FSX tweaks should be needed in installing and using race tracks and cars from AutoSportsSimulations.com.


But still, issues could come up, and the support forum is a a good place for this. And its also a good place to start ideas and have them tossed around, as its then organic -


For example, imagine what a real multi-player race environment in FSX could be like in the near future where in fact even doing a 24 hours race at Le Mans 4 FSX with an additional 30 cars or so. Or what would it be like to race for three hours at Indy 4 FSX in Multiplayer?


Can you also imagine FSX sim car clubs as there is no reason not to have those too - and then there are tons of other things to think about.


So this is where if you have an idea, it should get into that part of the support forum. Then we eventually will be able to figure all the sub forums that we are going to need,and you can figure a lot of them!


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That's a nice video of flying. However we're already flying. How about a video of driving? I can't see immersion to flying from outside the plane or driving from outside the car. We did that with slot cars starting at least 40 years ago.


I can imagine using the yoke as the steering wheel and the rudders as pedals for an auto-shift car. (Though I never RW drove an auto-shift race car! But I know some are designed that way.) Perhaps the throttle could be the aircraft throttle and the two pedals be brake and clutch. Or use say the flaps switch for sequential gear selection and the right rudder for gas, left for brake.


Has the concept come far enough to do that yet? If so, I feel a video from "behind the wheel" would be very helpful in attracting interest! ;)




OK, I just watched four more videos and two were "inside" the car. However I never saw the wheel move. Are they steering by rudder pedals? What is the control setup? Do you have gas, brakes, transmission controls? This is much closer to what it would take to interest me. But I certainly can't understand without more info! :confused:

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Hi Rupert -


Sorry, at first I thought your name was Michael. Nice to learn of you and thanks for your inquiry -


Animated Vehicles are expected to start coming out in about a month from AutoSportsSimulations.com. In addition to Le Mans 4 FSX, and its cars, there is also Indy 4 FSX and its Formula cars, and there are also more famous racing circuits underway for the virtual world of FSX !


For Race Cars, emphasis has been first on the underpinnings of the actual engineering for accomplishing lap times, where pretty much matching the performance characteristics of the real thing.


And just like in the case of actual racing cars, tweaks also further come out for already published freeware cars. For those who like to collect them, there are new versions too ! For example - the Porsche 917 series now has a very cool digital dash -


The top lap records at Le Mans are about 3 mins and a few seconds. Le Mans 4 FSX Class One Cars meet this requirement in FSX simulation.


Whats nice about the current releases of Freeware Cars, where more are actually on queue, is that, except for G forces, they in fact do perform well and are exciting to drive.


That's especially true if, like me, you were inspired by the Movie "Le Mans" which starred Steve McQueen, and and you too would like to go 240+ MPH down the Mulsanne Straight. You can do that in Le Mans 4 FSX with its class one cars -



The Le Mans 24 Hour race which happens every June, includes a few classes of cars.


The Engineering in the AutoSportsSmulations.com cars start at the top class, like the 917 as an example, where their tuning is inherited by the second and third classes. In addition there are vintage racers too that are on queue !



For your other questions -


Steering Wheels have not been tested yet. Joy Sticks at this stage have been used. What is also not accomplished yet in user interface engineering is the assignment of pedals. Btw - there is no Clutch in FSX -


For Controller developers, assigning Brake and Throttle to Pedals I would anticipate in the future. As a software developer, I don't see it as a major thing to do -


There are a host of videos on youtube that document the development of both cars designed and built for Le Mans 4 FSX, and Indy 4 FSX.



Your interest is most welcomed.


Orion -

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