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Update LEBL 1.4 from JustSim


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Hi There,


I just downloaded the update (1.4)version of Barcelona LEBL from JustSim developers, I like this airport because the FPS are much better than Aerosoft LEBL , the only problem is that I can't comunicate with the Tower and Ground control, maybe someone knows why this happend!

Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks!!



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Hi there Zippy!


Long time no see! thanks for your message, I just did try other airports, no problem! just LEBL, I think that the problem can be the new update, since I use the update, the radios went bananas! If I try to contact the tower, I hear myself talking, but the answer not! then they ask me to confirm the message(wich I didn't hear!), and just now, I hear another airplane asking for taxi, and, the same story! for me is clear that the problem is in the new airport, I had already this airport with not problem at all! but they made a new version(this one) and the radios don't work, the new version have a couple of new things like more car movements on the tarmac and a better surroundings in the scenery etc, but I prefer that the radios work properly! don't you think?


Listen, if I want I can install the old version again, but maybe a fix wil came soon, who knows!


Thanks again for your time!!



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