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Wind problem


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(Not a medical wind problem I hasten to add - an FS9 wind problem!)...


Any idea why the FS9 onscreen data and AS6.5 disagree so much as to wind direction? Currently FS9 is showing wind direction as 260 degrees, whereas the info panel in AS6.5 shows 70 degrees.


I am getting quite a few flights where, having been directed to a particular runway for takeoff by ATC, I encounter AI traffic landing at the opposite end. For instance, I just left Cuzco, SPZO, (wind directions showing as above): ATC directed me to Rwy28, but AI traffic was landing on Rwy10.


I wonder if the discrepancy in perceived wind direction is a cause (or symptom). I have tried various recommended options in AS6.5 that are supposed to prevent this, but in vain so far.


Thanks for any advice on how always to have my aircraft and AI traffic using the same runway direction. (Maybe there's something in FSUIPC (registered version) that will help??).



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I use FSMetar v1.5.4 to download from VATSIM, and I currently get 360 degrees at 10kts at SPZO. FS own weather gives 205 at 04kts. I can only attribute this to different update times on each server, IIRC the global METAR data updates every 4 hours but I've no idea when or how often the FS & VATSIM servers update. One FSUIPC setting which would get your AI using the same weather data as you would be in Miscellaneous/Additional Facilities/Allow changes to FS own weather.

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Bear in mind that the FS own weather has a long-standing and well known problem with it's updates. It seems that there are times it's as up-to-date as any 3rd party weather engine, and there are times it can go days, weeks, even months, without a hint of a change.

That's why most who want "realistic" weather choose a 3rd party weather engine. Much more reliable than the built-in weather engine in MSFS.


Just a note...



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If you change weather when ai is already coming in, ai will still fly to the runway it was pointed to earlier.

so if wind direction is 010 and ai gets cleared for RW01

and you change weather by starting AS

and wind becomes 180,

all aircraft after that get cleared to take off and land rw18

but the aircraft that were already cleared to approach 01, (or were told to taxi there)

will continue that path to 01


start your weather program before you start fs. that will probably make the addon weather load first-time.

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start your weather program before you start fs.


Thanks, I always do, so that's not the cause...


I hadn't noticed that the AS6.5 servers have stopped providing live METAR information anyway, so I might as well disable live updates and use any of the hundreds of saved METAR files that I downloaded some years back. I don't think I am going to buy ASE, which is already seven years old now (and so possibly not far from demise itself!).

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Within AS 65 as I recall, you should be able to read its its server status. There was a service pack some time ago that corrected connecting to a server.


AS65 or AES should be driving your FS weather. You should not have FS getting real world weather when using either. In addition any saved or created flight used with a weather app should have the clear weather theme as its default. ASE can use both FSX and FS9. It is a setting you selecrt when starting ASE.


After either AS has been running completed setting the FS weather engine refresh AI by the AS control request or by advancing FS time by a minute. ATIS will update and AI will restart respecting the weather pattern in FS.


I went to ASE when I started using both FS9 and FSX-SE.


If you have global weather writes enabled the FS world applies the weather where you plane is wordwide. As you approach destination, destination weather changes to what surrounds your aircraft, not what is gained from the weather servers. That can wreak havoc with your AI patterns. Investigate using the lock destination weather option. Once you are a certain distance from destination, the weather will remain stable as you approach stabilizing AI.

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On the AS6.5 should i disable the ...Global area writes or Automatic global write toggle and have Force destination WX zone enabled.

I only had 'Automatic Global Write Toggle' checked of those three - I have unchecked it.


I don't know from within AS6.5 what to do to check the server status - but the METAR always has the same time, and I have found other threads (in other forums) that say the same thing - everyone seems to have the same METAR time, which would presumably mean no one is getting new data from the server.


Thanks for the continued replies folks....

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