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help with DX10 preview toggle

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Hi all,


Recently I rediscovered my old copy of FSX and I thought I'd fire it up again. After reading a number of threads on this forum and other, I realise you can gain significant improvements on performance and display.

I wanted to explore the DX10 fixer and found there was a preview option in acceleration and SP2 (correct me if wrong).


First question - I presume you need to have the preview toggled on to apply the fixer?


I downloaded the SP1 and SP2 packs from Microsoft and installed both.

However I cannot see any dx10 preview toggle button


I checked the fsx.cfg file, which contained no D3D10 entry, so I added it D3D10=1

Still nothing


Removed the dxgi.dll file - albeit the only one I could find was in the system32 folder

no change


Updated the Nvidia graphics drivers to the latest 376.84 version


I couldn't find any SweetFX software and I haven't downloaded it as far as I'm aware.


Any help would be great


Specs below -


OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

System Model Precision M6700

System Type x64-based PC

Processor Intel® Core™ i7-3820QM CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2701 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB

Total Physical Memory 31.9 GB

Available Physical Memory 26.9 GB

Total Virtual Memory 63.9 GB

Available Virtual Memory 58.9 GB


Quadro K5000M


CUDA Cores 1344

Graphics clock 601MHz

Memory daya rate 3000MHZ

Memory interface 256bit

Memory bandwodth 96GB/s

Total available graphics 20193

dedicated video memory 4096 mb GDDR5


If there is anything missing please let me know


any help appreciated



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Thanks again for the replies.

No, the Preview DirectX 10 toggle doesn't as per iflygary's image. It is just a blank space. I may try a fresh install. Someone mentioned in the link il88pp posted, the program has to run after each pack install. I updated back to back.

I'll let you know how it goes.


thanks again

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Just to confirm, I have all the steps covers in StringBean's checklist.

The only thing I'm not 100% on is the graphics adaptor. However I'm pretty certain the Nvidia Quadro K5000m should support this.

I'm running dx11 currently, I believe this is back compatible as well.

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zippy has fsx standard.

and win XP

that's probably the difference.


For me it looks different also. I havs fsx accel.


right click your fsx.exe file - select propertires - select details.

look at the version number. I think for fsx deluxe plus sp2 it should be: 10.0.61472

found that here:


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Solved the issue!


I originally installed FSX and then moved it's location after install.

When I installed SP2 it recognizes the original FSX location.

This meant that sp2 installed but did not make any changes to FSX

I reinstalled both and it works fine.


I was being lazy, should've reinstalled to the correct location in the first place!


I can't thank you all enough for your quick responses


Happy flying!

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