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hi all just wanted to say hello been wanting to set up a flight sim for years and never got round to it but im finally going for it.I have played FS years ago but only briefly completing some missions and really enjoyed it so im just at the research stage looking for a pc that's capable of running fsx or x plane 11.not sure if i want a single screen setup or triple yet.im starting off by buying the saitek cessna yoke and throttle bodies and pedals and with advice from you guys whats bests to start with.looking forward to taking to the sky's.
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Bear in mind that the various MSFS's utilize the CPU to a much greater extent than the GPU. Thus, you want the fastest, most powerful CPU you can get.

To go with that, you want a decent power supply to run everything, and the best cooling for the CPU primarily, and everything else secondarily. Nice cooling for the GPU helps as well.

It seems that thee MSFS's are primarily "tuned" for Intel CPU chips and NVidea GPU's, so those are what to use.

A good SSD is very handy to put the OS and the main part of the sim on. A fast, regular, old HD for scenery and add-on planes is pretty handy as well. It seems like no matter how big a HD you get for FS's, they wind up being too small, and you'll need to add more storage space :)

Hope this helps. Sorry, but the external stuff is someone else's baliwick :)



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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thank you for the advice could anyone recommend wheres best to buy a pc built for fsx or x plane 11? i dont want to risk building myself and think its best to have warranty.been looking at chillblast and cyberpower but i haven't got a clue where to go.
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