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Adding scenery


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Hi John, here you go:


1. Open the scenery library box from within Flight Simulator 9.


2. Left click on Add Area.


3. Navigate to the scenery folder that you wish to add. Left-click once on the scenery folder that you wish to add.


4. When the correct area is highlighted, click OK.


5. You should be taken to the next screen. Then click anywhere within the white portion of the box.


6. You should be back to the dialogue box with the new scenery at the top of the list.


7. Then just click OK and the scenery should be loaded.

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Just a quick side note: In FS9 (FS20004, same thing), you have to shut the sim down completely after going through all the above steps, then restart it to see the new scenery. In FSX, you can keep the sim running and go do whatever you want, and the new scenery will be there.

Good luck, and enjoy!

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........... I have no idea where they are being installed...........


Hi John,


WRT Addit Pro - I would assume that, unless you have made any changes to the program settings, it will be installing scenery into the Addon Scenery folder located within FS2004. This is standard default location.


Tiger, at post #2, has given you all of the info you need to manually install scenery yourself without using a config tool. You can use this to install new scenery wherever you want, as long as the folder used is correctly formatted and active within the sim scenery listings . I personally install all of my addon scenery outside of the sim - I currently use only FSX but its a practice I carried over when I moved up from FS2004 and, for a time, was running both sims together.


Pat makes a valid point a post #3 WRT adding the scenery and then shutting down/restarting FS2004. A useful, and free, tool that you might want to check out is Scenery Config Editor (SCE)


Get it here - https://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor/


And see detailed info/instruction for it here - http://fs-sceditor.sourceforge.net/


Unlike addit Pro, which also has tools for adding aircraft models/repaints etc, SCE is only for scenery. It does, however, offer the ability to add new scenery without starting FS2004 (and indeed FSX) and, IMO, does so in an easy process. It will also show the current installation paths of what you have already installed. It can also be used to find scenery related errors etc.




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